When it comes to using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), understanding the service level agreement (SLA) is essential. It helps users understand the scope of provided services, the guarantee of uptime, and compensation for downtime. However, it can be confusing to decipher what is included in the OCI SLA. Here are two statements that correctly describe the OCI service level agreement.

1. OCI offers a financially backed uptime service level agreement of 99.995%.

One of the essential aspects of the OCI SLA is the uptime guarantee. Generally, uptime is the duration in which a service is available and working as intended. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure guarantees a 99.995% uptime, which is impressive for users and companies that rely on their any-time availability. This uptime guarantee is financially backed, which means you receive compensation if it falls short.

Furthermore, OCI has a 24/7 monitoring team that detects potential concerns and responds to incidents. The team ensures that downtime is reduced to a minimum and that the uptime threshold is maintained.

2. The OCI service level agreement covers infrastructure, platform, and software services.

The OCI SLA covers not only infrastructure services but also platform and software services. This means that the guarantee applies to several services that OCI offers, including compute, storage, networking, databases, and applications. Additionally, the SLA covers any product or service that falls under the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure umbrella.

It`s essential to note that the SLA does not cover the performance or accessibility of third-party systems or networks. It only guarantees the uptime of the OCI services that you use directly. Therefore, it is recommendable to understand the overall IT infrastructure of your organization and ensure that the different technologies work seamlessly to provide the expected user experience.

In conclusion, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service level agreement is an essential aspect of using OCI services. Understanding the extent of the guarantee, the type of services included, and the factors that are not covered is necessary for any user who relies on these services. The above two statements provide a reliable foundation for grasping the critical aspects of the OCI SLA.