TMT, TOR, Deformed Bars (High Yielding Strength Deformed Bars) have a huge market demand in the construction industry.

Although all these categories of construction material go through the thermal and mechanical process, the exact difference lies in the exact method of production.


  1. Thermo-Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars are high-strength reinforcement bars having a hardened outer core and a soft inner core.
  2. The manufacturing process of the TMT bars includes the passing of the hot steel billets passing through jets of cold water which leaves the outer core hardened increasing the tensile strength the bars.
  3. The bars are made highly ductile in this manufacturing process.
  4. The absence of twisting or deformation process in this method spares the bars of any surface cracks or any other defects.


  1. This is a form of HYSD (High Yielding Strength Deformed) bars that go through mandatory heat treatment and are cold twisted and deformed.
  2. These deformations are present on the surface and are done after an elongation process.
  3. The elongation process imparts higher yield strength to steel and the surface deformations impart higher bondage with concrete.
  4. The deformations minimize slippage in the concrete and increase the bonding between the two constructing materials.


  1. These bars undergo the same treatment as the TMT bars but the subsequent processes are different.
  2. After these bars go through the heat treatment, the hot steel bars are either heat-rolled or cold-twisted for shaping them.
  3. They are mainly used for small scale construction.

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