Reinforcement steel bars or mesh of steel wires are used as tension device in reinforced concrete to strengthen and hold the concrete in tension.

These make for the foundations of any structure that is constructed.

There are numerous reasons why TMT or Thermo Mechanically Treated bars are preferred for construction unlike normal steel bars which do not possess the desired properties required to build a strong structure.

Here are 3 points on how TMT bars are an ideal match for building strong constructions:


Under this process steel bars are exposed to quenching process i.e. they are exposed to cooler jets of water as soon as they are released from the rolling process/mill.

This results in the hardening of the outer surface of the TMT bars though the inner core remains soft giving the bars unique ductility.

This process also makes them super tough and imparts super strength to the bars.


The excessive presence of carbon affects the weldability in normal steel bars unlike TMT bars whose carbon contents are lower imparting high ductility.

The carbon content is often restricted to 0.2% to as to not to interfere with the superior weldability of the bars.

The joints of TMT bars are easily welded using ordinary electrodes.


The TMT bars can be shaped into the desired construction shapes without them breaking because of their high malleability.

The TMT bars are widely used in the construction sector because of its another unique property of resisting Earthquakes.

Due to its high ductility and high malleability during an earthquake the constructs with TMT bars help buildings survive without the bars breaking.

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